East Liberty Electroplating, Inc

ELE History

Founder, Matt Drozd East Liberty Electroplating was founded humbly in 1920 in a 25 by 75 foot one room shed in the East Liberty section of Pittsburgh. Founder, Matt Drozd, believed strongly in providing his customers with, first class service, exceptional quality, and competitive pricing. Over ninety years and three generations later this belief is still the foundation of our business that has grown from those humble beginnings into a 50,000 square foot finishing facility.

In 1950 the company was passed from Matt Drozd to his five longest tenured employees: 2nd Generation Owners Dave Drozd, Joe Bugel, Simon Kovalik, Albert Bugel, and Rip Heretick. Since 1950 the company has remained in the hands of those five families. In 1971 Tom Drozd and Tom Bugel replaced their retiring fathers and in 1978 Vince Kovalik, Bobby Bugel, and Joe Thimons replaced their retiring fathers. Today the company is operated by Gary Bugel, Jared Bugel, Vince Kovalik, and Rob Carmody.

ELE East Liberty Electroplating moved from East Liberty to Glenshaw in 1968 to accommodate the growth of the business. The name East Liberty was kept because it had become synonymous with high quality metal finishing. Today East Liberty Electroplating services customers across our region, state, and country.

Our mission today is the same as it was in 1920: To provide all customers with first class service, exceptional quality, and competitive pricing.

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